17 01 2006

Yes boys and girl (Angelbaby). PENILE FRACTURE.

Quite possibly man’s most biggest fear. I first learnt about PENILE FRACTURE when i took a Human Sexuality class when i was still in college. What is PENILE FRACTURE? Quite simply, when you BREAK YOUR PENIS.

Fractures to the penis, although uncommon, do occur. Fracture occurs when an abnormal force is applied to the erect penis. The ‘fracture’ is actually a tear in the tunica albuginea, the thick fibrous coat surrounding the corpora cavernosum tissue that produces an erection. It is an uncommon injury, usually but not always the result of damage to the penis during sexual intercourse. Most cases (75 per cent) occur on one side, 25 per cent affect both sides and in 10 per cent the tear extends into the urethra.

True story, i almost fainted in class when i first heard about PENILE FRACTURE. My legs were crossed, blood was rushing to my head, or maybe out of my head.. i dunno whichever it is that makes you feel like fainting i suppose. Yes, PENILE FRACTURE, almost made me faint.

It’s perhaps the greatest irony of a man’s sexual life: the harder the penis is, the more vulnerable it is to injury.

There’s one common scenario/position that results in many PENIS FRACTURES. In this scenario, the female partner is on top during intercourse, as the penis thrusts in and out it becomes dislodged from the vagina and when attempting to reinsert it, the partner comes down hard on the penis, striking the female pelvic bone, and creating a sudden bending of the penis. A sure sign is a LOUD SNAP and EXCRUCIATING PAIN following the injury, as well as the rapid development of a hematoma or bruise. These injuries are not difficult to diagnose, and symptoms will depend upon the severity of the fracture.

It’s not a myth; it can happen if undue force is applied to an erect penis. Symptoms include:

  • Immediate loss of erection.
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • A CRACKING noise
  • Bleeding from the urethra
  • Here is a real life account from some doctor about some guy who suffered from PENILE FRACTURE.

    When the patient was admitted to the hospital emergency department at 1:00 A.M. he was in obvious distress. But examining doctors were puzzled and unable to make an immediate diagnosis. The patient was pale, nervous and agitated. His skin was cold and clammy. Assuming he was in shock, physicians quickly made a thorough examination for blood loss. They were shocked at what they found. The man’s penis was markedly swollen, measuring seven inches in diameter. The patient was transferred to the operating room for removal of a massive blood clot. But the $64.00 question was how the injury occurred? The man was reluctant to explain, but eventually revealed the bizarre circumstances. He had been masturbating vigorously when he heard a sudden snap followed by intense pain and swelling of his penis. The diagnosis? A fractured penis. And this patient had the distinction of being the 67th such case to be reported in world medical journals.

    That’s right, PENILE FRACTURE can also happen during MASTURBATION. So for the love of your penis, BE CAREFUL WHILE YOU’RE FAPPING.

    Another real life account:

    Making love can certainly be hazardous to your health. For instance, one Romeo was enjoying intercourse in a vertical position. He must have been quite a lover because his partner suddenly fainted. Her precipitous fall fractured his penis. The moral? Lie down to make love.

    Patients describe a popping, cracking, or snapping sound with immediate detumescence. They may report minimal to severe sharp pain, depending on the severity of injury. Upon physical examination, evidence of penile injury is self-evident. In a typical penile fracture, the normal external penile appearance is completely obliterated because of significant penile deformity, swelling, and ecchymosis (the so-called eggplant deformity).

    PENILE FRACTURE is a urologic emergency that may have devastating physiological and psychological consequences.

    So don’t break your penis boys.

    The preceding post is brought to you by somebody who cares about your penis.

    FUN FACT: A fractured penis is often quite tender to the touch.

    Here are some pics.


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    54 responses to “PENILE FRACTURE”

      17 01 2006
    • 1.  jerry (19:51:17) :


    • 17 01 2006
    • 2.  Hardcore Matty (19:55:14) :

      I’m almost afraid to masturbate now.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 3.  zorak (19:58:35) :

      So we had to wait 2 weeks for a picture of a fucked up dick?

    • 17 01 2006
    • 4.  JEJ (20:19:29) :

      I fractured my penis during the reading of this post.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 5.  jupiterssj4 (20:23:48) :

      for God’s sake welcome back

    • 17 01 2006
    • 6.  Magus (20:28:57) :

      alright, the master of fappage is back with an important message, be careful with your dickage especially with liqour dick cause that shit make it more suceptible to breakage

    • 17 01 2006
    • 7.  heyhesawinner (20:41:24) :

      “A CRACKING noise”

      the worst 3 words i’ve read in my life.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 8.  El Payo (21:03:42) :

      So you broke your dick? Ow.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 9.  Magus (21:08:31) :

      hells nah i never broke my shit b4… im just stating the facts

    • 17 01 2006
    • 10.  El Payo (21:27:39) :

      I think once you break it, you’re done. Justin, do a follow-up post on how they ‘fix’ a broken penis. Do they put it in a cast so all your friends can sign it? Do they put in screws to hold it all together? A balloon and a Reebok Pump so you can get it up again?

    • 17 01 2006
    • 11.  El Payo (21:29:35) :

      I laughed when I read that #2 mentions he’s “almost” afraid. The Scarlett Jo titty post got him over the fear I’m guessing.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 12.  daserca (22:37:15) :

      And people, we are back.

      Thanks Justin, welcome back…. finally!!!

    • 17 01 2006
    • 13.  Droog (22:41:52) :

      maan thats fucking brutal!!!!

    • 17 01 2006
    • 14.  tool (22:54:16) :

      What a post to wake up to….

    • 17 01 2006
    • 15.  AngelBaby (23:10:10) :





    • 17 01 2006
    • 16.  Steven (23:40:38) :

      Well my guess of you fapping yourself to death was wrong but on another note I have morning wood.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 17.  DisconcertedGeorge (23:50:30) :

      well, that’s put me in a good mood to look at some boobies.

      Fun fact, sitting or moving quickly in an awkward position can twist the sperm tubules connecting the testicles and the penis. This results in having to have one of your testicles removed. True.*

      *unlike Justin, that story was not related to me

    • 18 01 2006
    • 18.  mo-boobies (00:40:14) :

      penile fracture is the worst but
      watch out for friction burns too
      dont hump the couch/pillows/etc can also have bad side effects

      play safe

    • 18 01 2006
    • 19.  embus (00:50:40) :

      Why did you feel the need to post a picture of your fucked-up little brown turtlenecked dick to the world?

      I, for one, could have lived a long and happy life without seeing our genitals. Let alone in such a state of disarray!

      Truthfully, I don’t know who is sicker… you or Angelbaby. Girl, that was some messed up shit.

      In retrospect, I suppose it should make me thankful. No matter what happens to me in life, at least my dick doesn’t look like a little brown and bulbous corkscrew…

    • 18 01 2006
    • 20.  DisconcertedGeorge (01:01:15) :

      … yet.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 21.  DisconcertedGeorge (01:03:49) :

      quick someone find a photo of clitoral circumcision. That always sends the girls running.

      Laugh at that Angelbaby! Muhaha!

    • 18 01 2006
    • 22.  Kthulhu (01:08:31) :

      Now we know why he was gone for so long. He fractured his dick.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 23.  Ragnarok (02:31:29) :

      Why did I have to click on the link? Why?! I think I’m going to be sick.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 24.  Smiley (05:43:08) :

      Welcome back, Justin.

      #15 – You’re an Evil Woman. Evil, I tell you. I haven’t un-crossed my legs all morning!

    • 18 01 2006
    • 25.  The Pope (07:12:05) :

      So….you left that picture of Mischa Barton up for a week to discourage us from fapping?

    • 18 01 2006
    • 26.  Seriously (07:15:37) :

      Quick! Someone post #100!


    • 18 01 2006
    • 27.  kiko (10:23:49) :

      Justin is our penis-loving friend.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 28.  xerox (10:27:24) :

      someone tell me that excessive fappage actually causes you amnesia ’cause I want to forget I ever read this sick post.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 29.  Smiley (10:41:17) :

      Justin is our friend.

      Justin loves the cock.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 30.  The Pope (11:33:10) :

      Men have a urethra?

    • 18 01 2006
    • 31.  Smiley (12:33:44) :

      Yup, the pee hole. That’s where the mayonnaise and the lemonade come from. And if you’re unlucky to have busted your cock – ketchup and salsa.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 32.  Elder Young (14:29:37) :

      LOL @ 31

      I know I’ve heard callers on Loveline talk about performing a “trick” by popping their cock. Now I can forever associate many images with the description. It must take some crazy fapping to fracture a pen0r, at least I hope. Maybe I need a sign, like the ones at factories, that says XX days/months/years (hopefully years) with no penile fractures. It may not be a trophy, but it’s still something to proud of.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 33.  Bill Clay (14:47:10) :

      I’ll assume that you disappeared for 2 weeks because you had a fractured penis. :-

    • 18 01 2006
    • 34.  Smiley (14:59:00) :

      #33 – Justin couldn’t update for 2 weeks because he types with his penis. It would have been unbelievably painful to update while it was healing.

      Please try to be a little more sensitive next time.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 35.  Unlock Boss (20:12:50) :

      I’ll never fap again.*

      * That’s a lie.

    • 18 01 2006
    • 36.  A-dog (20:15:01) :

      Wow…seriously…that was just wrong dude. I almost can’t fap to Scarlett now.

    • 19 01 2006
    • 37.  kongsmightypenis (01:50:14) :

      justin doesn’t have to worry tho’ cause he asian and so legaly doesn’t have a dick.

      J/K my girlriend claims justin has a pecker, “and its spectacular”

    • 19 01 2006
    • 38.  Matt_T (08:19:03) :

      Welcome back to the J-Man, and what a way to come back.

      A bit like Coca Cola or Fast Food chains saying you get fat / unhealthy if you consume our product.

      If it fractures it fractures, but in the meantime I’ll happily fap away.
      Because Scarlett’s worth it.

    • 19 01 2006
    • 39.  dumdadum (13:24:56) :

      This article is freaking me out!!

    • 20 01 2006
    • 40.  Mike (21:16:37) :

      Yeah, that is reasonably fucked up. Angelbaby, that was even more fucked up. You’re not allowed to joke about that… unless you want a clit fracture.

    • 20 01 2006
    • 41.  AngelBaby (22:57:46) :

      fortunately, i don’t think that is physically possible for us.


    • 29 01 2006
    • 42.  Ravenus (05:55:42) :

      I have broken my penis, happened in march.
      Was giving some hard doggy,went for way too much air time between thrusts,and thrust straight into my gf pubic bone,was a huge pop,it actually broke on both sides,right side at the base and left side near the knob. I knew instantly i was in bad shape as i looked at my penis and it was still hard at the knob,soft at the shaft and hard at the base,by the time i got to the e.r. i was in agony, they done ultrasound on it and i was operated on 2 hrs later,ended up with 30 internal stitches and 17 external stitches.For the next 3 weeks my sack and penis were huge, each teste was the size of an orange and the penis was as big heineken bottle, i asked the doc if i could keep that size, unfortunalety by about the 6th week it had returned to normal size :( lol
      by week 8 i was back to some slow sex, and now 10 months later im bak to my porn star self again.I have lost about a 1/2 inch in length but it is now probably 1/2″ thicker.
      I also have 2 lumps in the shaft were the tears had occured and scar tisue now resides.Funny thing is, the 5 ladies ive had sex with in the past 6 months keep coming back for more,they must like the abnormality of it lol.
      Anyway this is just to let you know that there is life after penile fracture, its jusyt a painful road to get back there is all.Ive had 2 more painful experiences than a penile fracture 1) a pilonidal sinus extraction and 2) watching a whole episode of oprah.Anyway, to all the guys out there,aint nothing wrong with the hard screwing, just dont go for too much airtime when goin at it hard :)

    • 30 01 2006
    • 43.  AngelBaby (07:30:15) :


    • 30 01 2006
    • 44.  badbadbad (22:29:26) :

      lol guys.. ouch

    • 1 02 2006
    • 45.  busteddick (08:24:55) :

      If you don’t get operated on immediatly, you wind up with a very small, very deformed penis. It’s called “Eggplant deformity”. I heard a “pop” but no pain and no hematoma (bruise). I was just “fapping” as you guys call it. Nothing weird or anything. Scince I wasn’t sexually active at the time and don’t fap that often, I didn’t realize it for awhile and now it’s too late. Damage done. Was 8″ now about 5″ and 1/2 as big around. So learn from the horrific nightmare that I will never get to awake from. If you hear or feel a pop or crack go straight to E.R. I’m not leaving my real email because I don’t want anyone to know who I am, but this is a true story and I just did a search on the subject and thought I could offer some advice. I even went to a world renowned urological institute and there’s basically nothing they can do. Said they used to think it was very rare, but now think it happens to about 3 in every 100, yes 100, men. I know alot about this subject now, so if anyone has any intelligent questions, I’ll check back.

    • 13 04 2006
    • 46.  scared (03:40:07) :

      umm…my and my girlfriend was having sex when I had a slight “pop” or “crack”. No pain or hematoma. I went to the doctor and he claimed I did not fracture my penis. My penis does look normal but I haven’t been able to get a full erection since then. It’s been 4 days now.

    • 13 04 2006
    • 47.  AngelBaby (08:54:39) :

      you should be scared. o_O

    • 19 04 2006
    • 48.  NOT scared ANYMORE! (05:30:06) :

      Yay…glad it wasn’t a penis fracture…it really was just stress… =D!

    • 23 04 2006
    • 49.  GD (02:45:07) :

      busteddick –
      I feel for you brother. I never went in for any help either – and I am sorry.
      Unfortunatly, as an oxycontin addict, I didnt feel the pain that much – but did notice the change.
      I was having marathon sex and was doggie style at the time. She wanted it moved up an inch or so to door two and I did what I have always done when I lose a full erection while changing positions. I squeezed my cock at the base to make the remainder hard enough to enter, then after a few strokes, it is back.
      I guess I squeezed too hard – I should of demanded a mid-intercourse bj.
      Just a warning if you have ever done this to put off an orgasim or for what ever reason.
      I used to have a full solid straight 7 15/16 erection. Now it is barely over 6 and smaller in diameter for the final five. The base is bulged out big time on one side…needless to say where the blood is going..
      Intercourse is painful to a degree and orgasm is frustrating and often feels restricted. The pain comes from feeling like the erection is too tight and it gets worse the more agressive I get.

      It could be worse. I could be 18 instead of 48. I have had my share of sex including threesomes and literally hours and hours of intercourse with the woman of my life – my wife on our 13th anv. Eleven hours was our record but that is all that was good that come from a moster cocaine and herion addiction we both had at the time. This damage was the resulting end…
      We are still seeking and suffering through the bottom searching of the opiate addiction.
      It is truely hell.

      I had some hope I would fix my life, my teeth, my cataract, and my cock…by the preceading post killed that fantasy..
      Could be missing a limb that I needed all the time and suffered a constant remainder of that loss..instead of the few painful sad reflective moments I suffer now… like when I toss my cock aside 1/2 way through masturbastion because it turns me off to look at it and I know the end will be more like the feeling of having a perminant tournique applied that riding that full wave as I remember…. or when my wife says to my chest or knees…”it does look shorter”…for the 10 hundredth time..
      I think I loved her more when I had the freedom to leave her…

      Just be carefull out there. Wisdom is wasted on the old if not shared – – and heard by the young.

    • 29 04 2006
    • 50.  Yeah (12:36:50) :

      I was having sex when i heard a slight poop too. My erections havent been as hard as normal. I was just wondering if anything has changed from you “scared”. Please post anything else youve learned. Im scared too “scared”.

    • 29 04 2006
    • 51.  Whatever (12:44:15) :

      Dude, you’re just trying to scare us and came up with a really good story. Everything was a lie about your addiction and your broken cock. “I loved her more when i had the frredom to leave her….” Sounds like bullshit

    • 29 04 2006
    • 52.  AngelBaby (12:51:58) :

      any guy who reads this post and doesn’t get 3 male friends to read it will suffer penile fracture within 12 months…



    • 29 04 2006
    • 53.  Smiley (17:33:36) :

      Last week, I heard a loud crack as well. But there was no pain, bleeding or bruising. Naturally, I was scared out of my mind.

      Then I remembered I was eating Pistachio nuts and beating off at the same time. Let me tell you, that was the scariest day of my life. From now on, it’s either Pistachio nuts or beating off: never shall the two meet!

    • 26 02 2008
    • 54.  dutchlad (20:38:11) :

      oh my god! i must say i have seen and heard/read about freaky **it and it really takes a lot to freak me out. a hermafrodite doing goatse on the freeway getting hit by a car on the moment of orgasme wouldn`t freak me out as much as this. this, this is…….. sorry don`t have any more words for this

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